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Everyone knows that Key West, Florida is an awesome place to visit. There is so much to do here, and one of the best is to take in the sights from your own personal watercraft on our Key West wave runner tour around the island. At Jet Skis Key West we have jet ski tours, as well as other options that combo snorkeling and parasailing with jet skiing.

Jet Ski Tours and Rentals in Key West Florida

Key West Jet Ski ToursKey West Florida is the ideal vacation destination for travelers coming from all around the globe. This is the one place in North America where the three basic elements of life meet – land, water, and air. The island boasts a variety of activities that can be done and participated in by people of all ages. It is a welcoming environment; one that can truly captivate tourists’ hearts.

How do I get to Key West?
The Florida Keys are a very accessible destination, and Key West can be reached by land, sea, and air. Travelers coming from the East Coast can just drive down the Florida Turnpike and travel along the scenic Overseas Highway. By sea, tourists can take the Key West Express which departs from Ft. Myers Beach and will reach Key West in less than 4 hours. Finally, by air, guests can book flights with several North American airlines that can bring them straight to this paradise destination. There are a handful of choices for traveling to Key West. That is why more and more sightseers visit each year.

Why Key West?
The island offers a multitude of scenic landmarks and nature parks that can compete with any other tropical destinations around the world. Even though the island is small, it is packed with must-see sites and must-do activities on land, sea, and air.

Tours on Land
On the island, tourists can choose between walking around town or renting an electric car, which is the more popular choice all year round. A variety of electric cars are available for rent on the island: 2-seater, 4-seater, and 6-seater, and these are ready to go any time of the day. To pamper visitors, electric cars can be dropped-off and picked-up according to the renter’s preference. You can leisurely tour the island without having to subject yourself to a tour guide’s strict schedule. Drive up to Ernest Hemingway’s home or see the Harry S. Truman Little White House. You dictate your own pace and decide on your own itinerary when you rent one of these cute cars.

Tours on Water
The true beauty of Key West lies off its coast. Situated between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, the island is home to a multitude of tropical marine species. The Florida Keys are protected by the only living coral reef in North America, so you can just imagine the variety of marine life that is thriving under the pristine, clear waters of the Atlantic and the Gulf. Tourists of all ages flock the island because its array of water sports activities are affordable and easily available throughout the year.

Family-Friendly Water Sport Activities
We offer family friendly water sport activities to promote family bonding. One of the best ways to spend a day out on the ocean is to book any of our Key West Do It All Tours. Choose from packages like the Ultimate Adventure with Sunset Cruise, where you and your family can explore the crystal clear waters of the island while kayaking, jet-skiing, parasailing and snorkeling. Or you can book the shorter version: the Ultimate Express, where a variety of water sports activities will be made available for more than 3 hours. Your kids will really enjoy this tour because of the banana boat activity and the ocean playground activities like the water trampoline and the water slide.

Adventure-Seekers’ Water Sport Activities
Water sport packages are also made available to cater to the more mature and adventurous visitor. There are a handful of Eco Tours available for those who want to commune with nature and see all its glory and beauty. Choose from packages such as the Sail, Snorkel, and Kayak Tour with Sunset Option, the Backcountry Safari Key West, or the Key West Island Adventure with Sunset Option. All these tour packages allow you to experience the raw beauty of Key West. Snorkel through the only living coral reef in this part of the globe and expect to find tropical marine species like rays, eels, sea turtles, trigger fish, and many more. Kayak your way through the narrow canals between the mangroves and see the natural habitat of tropical birds like the kingfisher, heron, and many others.

DIY Option
Those who want to have a hand in how they spend their day out on the water can rent one of our handsome speed boats. Choose the 18′ Sundeck, the 21′ Sundeck or the 23′ SeaCraft boat and you will be out on an adventure in no time. You and your friends can go flats fishing or deep sea fishing charters or just party on the boat while listening to upbeat tunes. If you want to feel more relaxed you can request one of our captains to steer the boat while you just sit on the cushioned lounge by the bow.

Fishing Fanatics’ Options
Since Key West is home to a thriving coral reef, an abundance of saltwater gamefish can be found in the waters off the island. Hence, a lot of fishermen flock to Key West to experience big game fishing like that made famous in the written accounts of Ernest Hemingway.

We offer a wide range of fishing charters that provide options for every type of fisherman who visits this southern gem. We not only cater to experienced fishermen, we also accommodate novices and first-timers. As an authorized reseller of FishKeyWest.com guided charter fishing trips, we can offer you the best and most experienced captains and guides to ensure successful fishing every time out. Our well-maintained boats rental service also provide you modern electronic gear that can detect water depth, ocean current direction, and the type and number of fish in the area to provide the information that will help you find fish.

Choose from the different fishing activities that we offer: flats fishing, deep sea fishing, light-tackle fishing, or split charter fishing. Regardless of your choice, we guarantee that you’ll learn from the best and have a glorious day of fishing. You can expect to catch Blue Marlin, Sailfish, Tuna, Mahi-Mahi and many other species. It will be one heck of an adventure!

For the Romantics
Key West is not just a great destination for adrenaline pumping activities. It is also a perfect location for couples who want to spend a weekend of relaxation and romance. The best option for all the lovers out there is to go onboard one of our well-maintained sunset cruise vessels and enjoy a breathtaking view of the sunset. We have several Key West Sunset Cruise options: you can dance the night away as local musicians play sweet music while the sun sets. Or you can sip a cold glass of champagne or wine as you appreciate the wonderful colors painted by the sunset. Whatever you choose, you can expect an evening full of love and romance.

Tours in the Air
This is what is best about Key West. There are plenty of activities to do on land, on water, and even in the air. We have quite a number of parasailing tour packages that will delight island visitors. You can choose to head out to the Gulf to parasail solo, tandem, or trio. Parasailing allows you to get an unobstructed panoramic view of the coast and the horizon from a height of 200ft.

Key West also offers a brand new water sport activity, the flyboard. This thrilling ride uses jet-powered water to propel you either above or under the water just like Ironman. It is a new, state-of-the-art activity that is unique to the island. You will be taught by the best flyboarders and you are guaranteed to be flying and steering on air in no time.

The Southernmost City in the Continental United States
Key West is known as the Southernmost City in the Continental United States. While the island of Key West sits at the bottom of the United States, it should be at the top of your vacation destination list. The Florida Keys are your gateway to the past, present, and future, and Key West is the treasure island of the Keys. It is an island loaded with historical landmarks that will take you back to the past, surrounded by a sea still rich in marine life, and located in a huge nature preserve that is home to lush birdlife and many rare species that are protected for the future. Key West is the perfect spot for you and your loved ones to experience an exotic tropical adventure without having to leave the US.

Do not waste any more time. Head down south to Key West and look forward to a vacation full of history, recreation, and excitement. Our friendly agents are always ready to give you a helping hand and answer any of your queries about the island and about any of the tour packages we offer. Simply visit our website and choose from the many options that we have meticulously arranged for you. We hope to see you soon in Key West, Florida.